Breed description

The Thai Bang Kaew Dog is an old breed that finds its origin in the village of Bangkaew in the province of Phitsanulok, Thailand.
The present breed standard is of April 14th 2011 simultaneously with the temporary recognition of the F.C.I.

The Thai Bangkaew dog is a social dog. They are alert, intelligent, loyal, alert and obedient.
They are easy to train, hence are used by Thai police and Custom services.
Sometimes a bit reserved towards strangers
Love water and swimming
Nothing rather than walking with the owner
Is not noisy but will bark when strangers approach

Exterior/ built
The Thai Bangkaew dog is a square built dog
The double pelt of the Bangkaew dog can have 2 or 3 colours. White, black, brown, red and grey in any combination as long as it is clearly marked.
Around the neck there will be a profound “lion’s collar” this will be more profound with male dogs.
A symmetrical marking on the head, that covers the eyes and ears is preferable.
A white marking around the nose is preferable, slight specs in the white is allowed.
Front and hind legs are feathered.

The eyes are black or dark brown

Should not be too big, placed high and not too close together, triangle straight up, slightly forward leaning.

The neck is strong, muscled worn proudly and gradually sloping towards the shoulders.
The back is straight with strong loins and a slightly sloping croup.

The belly is slightly drawn inwards

Should be well shaped but never barrel shaped

Legs must have strong and clear muscle, the upper leg is in balance with the angle of the shoulder.
Front legs are straight and strong

The feet are rounded both front and hind as with a cat

The walk is flexible strong with a thrust from the hind feet where head and tail are worn proudly

Males minimal 46 CM maximal 55 CM
Females minimal 41 maximal 46 CM

Males between 20 and 26 KG
Females Between 16 and 20 KG