Our introduction

At that time, a good friend or ours lives more than 25 years in the North of Thailand and actually possesses a Thai Bangkaew dog.
On April the 14th 2011 the Thai Bangkaew dog was officially , temporarily, recognized as a full fledged race by the F.C.I. and we started to broaden our view.
That was not as easy as one would think it to be. Ultimately it turned out that most Thai people are rather afraid of Thai Bangkaew dogs.
Right now we know there is no justification what so ever for this attitude because proper investigation has led to the conclusion that this is mainly because of the way that most are treated, and that is essentially different from the way we treat dogs.

Mostly, Thai people buy or get a puppy, the kids will play with it when it’s young but then they will mostly be living somewhere around the house, outside, comparable to a yard dog, of olden days. The dogs will either beg for food or just find their own, somewhere, and are often chased away with a loud “Phai”! (Go away) or even a slap on the nose.

A Thai Bangkaew does not take kindly to this, they are too intelligent for such treatment. A Thai Bangkaew needs the attention of its owner because they are very attached to the owner and focused on the owner and his family. They do not like to be ignored or beaten (who does?) and Thai society needed to adjust. Now the Thai Bangkaew is actually a dog for the upper middle class Thai and they will not be walking around by themselves but are family dogs as well as guardians.
In June 2012 we started actively searching for Thai Bangkaew dogs, in order to export to The Netherlands. We wanted the Thai Bangkaew dog with the best pedigree and from the best kennel.
Our choice had to be the Chumsangsongkram kennel.

The Chumsangsongkram kennel is the oldest Thai Bangkaew kennel in Thailand and is established smack in the middle of the area where the T.B.D. was reintroduced by Dr Nisit Tangtrakarnpong in Phitsanulok. Exactly where he started his “Bring the Thai Bangkaew dog home” project. This kennel owns about 20 Thai Bangkaew dogs that are all registered at the Thai Kennel Club. They were actually involved with the recognition of the Thai Bangkaew dog by the F.C.I.
The dogs from this kennel often go to exhibitions (even to Japan) and have won many awards.
Even members of the Thai Royal family have bought dogs here, which is a great honor in Thailand.

I myself, Huub, went to Phitsanulok together with the long time resident friend we have in Thailand to get to know the kennel and visit the owners of the Chumsangsongkram kennel. I introduced myself and we tried to find out when pups would be available. Not just any kind of pups, the best they had. Luckily our friend speaks fluent Thai or else it would have been very hard, they hardly speak any English. This made things easier and we have established a good relationship with them, which led to the fact that we could actually obtain puppies. I had in depth conversations about pedigree and about the Paternal and Maternal sides and our friend (who can actually read Thai) helped in the process.
This turned out to be a unique chance. We made our choice and Sunee and Jaidee, 2 non related bitch puppies, at that stage only 3 and 4 days old were ours.

When Sunee and Jaidee were 10 weeks old they went to the beautiful villa of my friend, who has a large garden and a great protected playground (4×5) where they were further socialized.

We then started fixing all the paperwork.
Problem is that Thailand is considered a rabies risk country we had to give the vaccine at the age of 3 months, and 30 days later had their blood tested in a lab in the Netherlands. After two weeks we got the acknowledgment that all was found to be correct.
After that they needed to remain in Thailand for another 3 months, by law.
30 April 2013 was D-day for Sunee and Jaidee. First a long trip from the North to Bangkok Airport, where we had to take care of all the documentation and check in “our girls”.

After I was satisfied that the heater would be on in the airplane’s cargo dock, we could leave for Schiphol airport. The airhostess was so kind to come and tell us, during the flight, that the dogs were quiet and the temperature was a steady 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 Fahrenheit) .
We were picked up at Schiphol airport and we travelled to Sunee and Jaidee’s new home.